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Eidepardazan Negah Paya (PayaVision)
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4th Floor, No. 38, Khoramshahr St., Sohrevardi St., Tehran
Field of Activity :
high tech intelligent security
PayaVision, founded in 2015, located in Tehran, Iran, is currently a leading technology and knowledge developer and manufacturer company in the area of high-tech intelligent security and surveillance software products and services. PayaVision also offers and deploys high-tech security and surveillance hardware-software solutions based on machine learning and machine vision as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and RFID technology for enterprises requiring specialized hardware and software features. Our commitment to innovation and customer service are unparalleled. We recognize that the success of PayaVision is highly dependent on our ability to satisfy our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with services and experiences that exceed their expectations.
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