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Intelligent Control Technology Development (intelliCo)
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110, North Jamalzadeh St., Tehran, Iran
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data acquisition systems
IntelliCo provides powerful, flexible and customizable hardware for advanced instrumentation and data acquisition systems. From student’s daily measurements to grand challenges, intelliCo helps engineers and scientists to relief their mind from the measurement and data acquisition process of their research and overcome its complexity. IntelliCo’s customers from University to research centers and industry use the customized data acquisition modules in which the sensors analog front-end circuit is integrated in order to reduce the measurement noise as much as possible. Then the sensors can be plugged directly to the rugged module with no more interface. The modules’ interface are compatible with the most analytical software used by engineers and scientists. The price of intelliCo’s customized products are competitive to the market products that forcing customers to spend much to match them to their sensors.
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